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Combined Federal Campaign
MHS - CFC Code: 70726

City of Boston Employees Charitable Campaign
MHS - COBECC Code: 5170

People Tributes 2017
Donations made In Memory or Honor of a Special Friend
Bentley Nelson F. Judith Markovsky
Margaret R. Dunn Barbara Nigro
Richard R. McLaughlin Blanch L. Gregory
Carol Ann Divito Rita Whiteley Haulman
Richard Farwell Kay Linda Swanson
Doris Hirsch Scott C. Perkins
Norma L. Andrews Diane Burduk
Marie Antobenedetto from SPIN (Stray Pets In Need) - rescuing animals Virginia A. Moran
In honor of Agnes Puzio Julia Marsh-Geboski
Nicoletta Poli, animal lover and a wonderful artist Virginia A. Moran
Mary Elizabeth Brazao - loved animals Mindy Sneider
Alice Grant

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