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We are sadden to say that Seymour is no longer with us. (This is very tough to type up.) Seymour was with us for about 6+ years, we had a few volunteers that could work with Seymour and took good care of Seymour, including myself. We worked with him every day - every second we had. But it seemed that Seymour had a hard start in life. He had medical problems when he came to us - he had lyme disease and had to be treated twice for that.. Then after a while he had a thyroid problem and he was getting really bad arthritis and painful at times, as well as, some behavioral problems that developed more and more that could not be handled, we tried and tried. We tried foster homes and so many other methods but It just did not work. Due to his behavioral problems and being so unadoptable we could not find him a home any longer. MHS took care of Seymour for 6+ years and he became a MHS resident of the MHS - Sanctuary.

Seymour loved his daily walks, and he would run around the yard so fast his ears would flop in the air and wind and he enjoyed so much basking in the sun getting the raise. He loved his kong full of dog goodies every night, he just loved loved food and his dog cookies. At one point we could give him a bath and rub his belly. He was "cute" to so many people, when they saw him. Seymour was cute !! he had that cute beagle face with his floppy big ears.

Mass Humane Society wants to thank very much - VCA in Weymouth Dr. Perry and his Vet Technicians Stella and Kathy. Seymour would go there for his exams, shots, thyroid tests, lyme tests, and other medical needs and they took very good care of him.

We had many up's and down's and all around's with Seymour - however we cared for him and we understood him, as we all knew the do's and don'ts with Seymour. However, Seymour loved us just as much, Seymour was Seymour !! Again this is tough to type up, but knowing that Seymour is over the rainbow bridge - free........ WE ALL LOVE YOU SEYMOUR - ALWAYS !!

Seymour Gone But Never Forgotten - In Loving Memory and Honor of Seymour We will cherish all the memories of Seymour !! He was a "special boy" !!


(the pictures of Seymour range from the first year we had him at the shelter to the last days we had him)

** OWEN**

We are sadden to say that Owen has passed away. (this is tough to type up again) He was diagnosed with Diabetes as well as Cushing Disease. We tried a diabetic remedy for a month -he was doing ok but then the quality of life spiraled down quickly, his loss of appetite completely and more. The odds were totally against him big time- his levels were still very high. There is no way we could give him insulin shots and all the tests he would need. With Owen's touch sensitivity and other issues he would not tolerate it, like Seymour too. Owen was adopted but - ended up coming back to MHS. We had Owen for about 6 years, he was unadoptable and believe me we tried several times to see if we could find him a home again. Owen was about 12+ years old when he passed. Owen was a MHS lifelong resident and he became part of all of us. Owen came to us in very bad shape - mistreated and neglected - he was from Weymouth !! like Seymour. It took lots of time for him to befriend you. As time went on he got better but still had scares of distrust, he was ok with certain people only. It took months for him to warm up and befriend you. Not his fault, he had a very bad start in life!!

We had our ups and downs and all around's with Owen, but we never gave up. We cared for him daily and gave him all the TLC possible. He learned tricks and he just loved to be with you. The volunteers gave Owen his daily walks and he would play and run around the yard. Seymour and Owen became lifelong brothers at the old shelter and the new shelter too. Owen and Seymour were like lighting - when you called out "cookie time" in the yard, like speed racers right to there kennel and would sit at the kennel door waiting for the dog cookies. Owen had a girlfriend named Sapphire the pug, they were a bonded couple, they would play and hang out with each other every day and would bask in the sun together. Owen loved his kong, he waited patiently for the volunteer to give him his kong filled with dog goodies after his nightly walk and Owen and Seymour loved to run around the yard full speed ahead!

Owen had about 20 stuffed toys, he loved his stuffed toys. We would watch him actually observe and almost - like count each one to make sure they were all there on his bed were he left them - he was obsessed with his stuffed toys and loved them. We had to get a dog bed just for his stuffed toys.

MHS wants to Thank Very Much the volunteers that took good care of Owen. Worked with Owen every day and showed him love, trust and fun for 6 years !! The MHS Volunteers were Owen's best friend !! He just loved to see them every day.... Owen would do his "happy dance" standing up on his hind legs and twirl around for a treat !!

He loved going to Randolph Animal Hospital ever few months to get his "grooming" he would come out of RHA looking good and feeling great. We want to thank All the Doctors, All the Vet Technicians, Claire and Steven, they took real good care of him and knew how to handle Owen. He truly loved going there ! Owen made many friends at RAH and trusted them and was happy to go there.

WE WILL MISS OWEN VERY MUCH !! We will miss that cute face with a bottom over bite, and his staring look with his tail wagging, that he was so happy to see you. Knowing that he was loved and cared for. I will Always have a special place in my heart for Owen and Seymour! Love You Always Owen xxxxx! The Staff at Massachusetts Humane Society

Owen have FUN over the rainbow bridge !! with Seymour !!
May Owen and Seymour Meet Again !!
In Loving Memory and Honor of "OWEN" Gone But Never Forgotten !!
(the pictures of Owen are the 6 years we had him)

Partnership with PET SUPPLIES PLUS

MHS will be at Pet Supplies Plus in Quincy, MA


12:30 PM - 3:30 PM (weather permitting)

We will have animals up for adoption (by pictures only - sorry - but they still need homes). We will have a "special touch" of homemade dog cookies and handmade cat toys and cat beds for you and your beloved pets.

Stop By - Come On Down !

Where: 625 Southern Artery
Quincy, MA 02169-5645

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